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Preventing, understanding, and treating cancer

Our main goal is to treat effectively patients with tumor malignancies. We are doing our best to improve the quality of life of every patient and to fight for every chance of cure.

What makes us unique

  • We prescribe chemo or immunotherapy to our patients, basing our decisions on the most recent NCCN, ESMO and other international guidelines that help us choose the best possible treatment course for every patient.
  • We offer patients personalized treatment and chemotherapy plans using the most advanced methods in biomedicine with the help of our partners from Caris Molecular Intelligence — and their Molecular Profiling System.
  • We offer our patients the most advanced surgical treatment with Radiofrequent ablation, minimally invasive procedures for patients with primary or metastatic diseases of the liver.
  • We offer all our patients the chance to receive a second opinion of renowned colleagues from all over the world.

We are modern but cozy

  • We have a an amazing fully secured green area around the hospital where patients, their friends and family can spend time
  • Our two story building is equipped with elevators for patients who need help with transportation
  • We truly believe that a big part of treatment is offering patients a comfortable and well serviced stay at the hospital, so that they can focus on getting better — that is why our patients rooms are light and spacious, made for 1 or 2 people, and our patients are always welcome to stay with their loved once
  • Our cafeteria offers incredible home made, healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners for all patients
  • We know that cancer patients often need special help, so we have everything that one can need, including individual sitters for patients and special equipment designed to help treat these patients

We can help

If you need a doctor's consultation

Our outpatient department has a team of over 30 doctors: surgical and medical oncologists who see and treat patients every day. During a doctor's appointment your physician will make an individual treatment plan that can include chemo-radio therapy and surgical options. The doctor will explain everything about the condition, will answer all of your questions and do his or her best to help you battle the disease.

If you need surgery

  • Our surgeons come from the biggest cancer specializing institutions in the country, and perform surgeries of all difficulties, using the most advances surgical techniques and equipment – all offered at our facility.
  • Resect tumors
  • Perform ctotoreductive surgeries in cases where the whole tumor could not be removed
  • Help treat all complications of oncological diseases

Provide palliative care for patients

Surgical treatment is often combined with chemo or radiotherapy, with a set of interventional and endoscopic procedures. Because we use a combination of different treatment methods we can achieve good results even in patients with progressed diseases and improve their quality of life.

If you need chemotherapy

We have gathered a fantastic team of devoted and invested specialists who, because of their experience and professionalism, know and are capable of prescribing chemotherapy, performing the procedure, help alleviate the side effects.

We are very proud that we are the only medical facility in Russia offering patients and individualized approach to chemotherapy with molecular profiling of tumors. A test like that is especially helpful for patients with rare or aggressive tumors, or if the patient received chemotherapy but the treatment has failed

If you need an endoscopic procedure

The qualification and professionalism of our endoscopy specialists allows them to restore the passage of the GI tract and bronchial tree even in patients with progressed disease or in patients who are undergoing chemotherapy

If you need a consult from an interventional radiologist

Our department of interventional oncology has invited specialists from the infamous Pirogov Center of Interventional Radiology.

Our specialists perform

  • chemoembolization and radio frequent ablation used to destruct liver metastases of colon and breast cancer)
  • Draining procedures on intrahepatic ducts
  • Embolization of benign tumors (Uterine fibroids and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)
  • Implantation of cava-filters into the vena cava

If you need palliative care

Even though medical science has advances, still, there are some diseases and some cancers we cannot completely cure. What we can and what we should do is treat these patients in order to prolong their life, to improve the quality of life, to alleviate as many symptoms of the progressing disease as possible, help them live without pain and enjoy their time with loved ones.

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