Federal network of expert oncology clinics

The federal network of expert oncology clinics operating under the European Clinic brand is a Russian network of private specialized oncological centres that provide a full range of cancer diagnostics and treatment according to modern world standards.

Our story began with the opening of one of the first private specialized oncological centres in the centre of Moscow in the Russian Federation. The concept of the clinic has remained unchanged to this day: it is the world’s best practices, expert doctors, modern equipment, the most recent medications, innovative techniques, and a high level of comfort, service and care for each patient.

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More than 5500 primary patients choose the European Clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumours every year. We accept patients from all over Russia, from countries of near and far abroad. Many patients come to the European Clinic on the recommendation of those who have already received prompt and qualified oncological care here at the level of leading foreign medical centres and were able to appreciate the personalized approach for which the European Clinic is famous.

Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience and expertise in high-precision diagnostics and effective treatment of oncological diseases, even in the most severely ill patients with advanced cancer stages. For the treatment of such patients in the European Clinic, an integrated approach is used, which makes it possible to choose the tactics of treatment in difficult cases.

The European clinic is a team of like-minded enthusiasts with a certain philosophy, the most important point of which is the patient and his needs. This is a philosophy of high responsibility for each patient, which is strictly adhered to by each member of our team.

Our mission is to make oncological care according to the best international standards available to as many Russians in need of it as possible, to give each cancer patient a chance to receive timely and most effective treatment, and in situations where cure is impossible, thanks to palliative therapy, to maximize the patient’s life and significantly improve its quality. The doctors of the European Clinic are fighting for the health and life of each patient and use all available resources for this.

In accordance with the company’s mission, since 2019, the European Clinic has been implementing a regional development strategy that provides for the opening of expert oncology clinics and information and service centres in the largest cities of our country. Today our network includes:

  • European Clinic in Moscow
  • European Clinic in St. Petersburg
  • European Clinic in Krasnodar
  • Information and service centre of the European Clinic in Nizhny Novgorod
  • Information and service centre of the European Clinic in Samara
  • Information and service centre of the European Clinic in Ufa

In the coming years, further development of the regional network is planned, which will allow the European Clinic to become closer to each patient.

Be healthy, and if you need qualified and prompt oncological care, welcome to the European Clinic!

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